Our History

In 2016, friends Melanie Manchester and Jon Torney wanted to bring something new and fun to the Capitol City. After participating in Longmont Bike Night, where the streets of Longmont, CO fill with 200 cyclists on a weekly basis, they recognized that Cheyenne deserved the same opportunity. Mel and Jon went to work immediately on sorting through the logistics on how to bring this type of family fun to Cheyenne. They worked out schedules, created routes, enlisted a partnership with Danielmark's Brewery and Tap Room for post roll pint discounts, and like that The Cheyenne Slow Roll began.

It was clear from the start that this was something special for Cheyenne, with new faces regularly joining and relationships being made across a variety of backgrounds. The early rolls quickly garnered attention from the the Cheyenne community and weekly participation steadily grew, moving from the 10 rollers early on to the regular 40+ we have today. With the increase in participation, each year has also seen new routes added, the introduction of Theme Nights, Food Nights, and Contests. Heck, in 2019, we even managed an international Slow Roll.

Throughout all the years of Cheyenne Slow Roll, the initial goals have not changed. Our mission is:

  • Provide a safe, family friendly biking experience

  • Raise bike awareness to encourage a more bike friendly community

  • Encourage more of Cheyenne to bike regularly