Safety Corner

First and foremost, safety is important to us, as we want to ensure all rollers who participate in our rolls get to enjoy the most out of the experience. This means a safe, fun, adventure of a time. Participation in the Cheyenne Slow Roll is voluntary, with each participant responsible for their own safety. To help with this, please read through our safety recommendations below.

  • Helmets are recommended, but not required unless specifically stated in event posting.

  • Always stay behind the lead roller, so we don't take a turn without you.

  • The Slow Roll follows many different routes around the city, with much of it on city streets. Be mindful of traffic, and move with the traffic flow. Share the road, by keeping to the right, or within designated bike lane to keep out of vehicle path. When a vehicle approaches the group, please holler "car" to those in front of you to allow them to appropriately move out of the way of the passing vehicle.

  • Follow the rules of the road, stopping at stop lights and using correct hand signaling to communicate your intentions.

  • We often travel in a group of 40 or more. With this many riders, it is critical for each roller to communicate with those around them when they may pass, change lanes, or stop (when the rest of the group is not). Good communication, and allowing safe spacing between riders keeps for incident free rolls.

  • Many of the kids enjoy riding the sidewalks during the roll. Parents please make sure your little ones always use the right side of the street for their sidewalk adventures, and also make sure they are paying attention as many sidewalks in downtown may have unexpected surprises or abruptly end.

  • Make sure your bike is in good repair, with appropriate tire pressure, and good brakes. We do have some tools and air pumps available while out on the roll, but best prevention is always to check your bike before you join us. Visit our friends at Rock on Wheels or The Bicycle Station if you would like the pros to inspect your bike. Otherwise, there is always the Downtown Development Authority's ReRide program offering great quality bicycle rentals for only $1 an hour.